Vyntus Spiro USB

Vyntus Spiro USB

The Vyntus Spiro USB device versatility works with a stationary PC to let you accurately and easily provide lung function testing in your practice, clinic or hospital. Additionally, it configures with a compact notebook, transforming it into a portable spirometry station you can take into the field.
  • Details

    Proven quality and accuracy:
    The reliable, proven and accurate pneumotach has been selected as the measurement device of choice in many published studies.

    Animation options:
    During testing, the spirometry device offers 10 animation incentives for the patient to focus on.

    System integration:
    The device integrates with the Jaeger MasterScreenô PFT system networks using SentrySuite software.

    Simplified hygiene:
    The device can be used with the MicroGardÆ filter for a faster and comprehensive hygiene solution.

    Data sharing:
    You can share pulmonary function test data results with your HIS using our EMR Connection.

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