MicroPeak Flow Meter
  • MicroPeak Flow Meter

    The MicroPeak is a precision peak flow meter offered with either the ATS or EU scale
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      25 years experience of design, testing and improving the world’s leading Peak Flow Meters (PFM) has led to the new generation MicroPeakTM. Designed to meet the new ISO Standard (ISO23747) standards in performance and quality including a high visibility scale and in-built customisable Colour-Zone asthma management system that won’t wash off (see illustration below).

      Unlike other PFM’s the advanced design of MicroPeakTM means dismantling is avoided, thus protecting the integrity of the internal mechanism, also an internal check valve avoids cross infection concerns.

      MicroPeakTM comes complete with instructions and a 4 week recording chart, and can be offered fully customised for promotional purposes too.

      Available with a choice of either European or ATS scales, Catalogue numbers: MPE8200EU - EU Scale MicroPeak, MPE7200 - ATS Scale MicroPeak.

      When accuracy is important in clinical asthma management, then compromise is not an option, choose MicroPeakTM the PFM with an immaculate pedigree.

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