MicroLoop Spirometer

MicroLoop Spirometer

PDA-sized spirometer for open/closed loop spirometry testing, including pre/post bronchodilator, incentives, trending and USB interface. Now available with SPCS software option
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    The highly versatile, intelligent and beautifully designed MicroLab (36-ML3500- MK8) and MicroLoop (36-ML3535-MK8) have been developed with the very latest user friendly innovations
    The high definition colour touch screen and stylus enables the user to navigate the intuitive icon driven menu system with ease. This combination ensures data entry is performed with the advantage of an on-screen language specific keyboard
    The portable MicroLab and MicroLoop employs our Gold Standard Turbine measurement technology, which is accurate and reproducible as certified by the ATS (American Thoracic Society), the internationally recognised body for spirometry performance.

    The easy to use and highly reliable MicroLab and MicroLoop are the essential tools for the healthcare professional of today.


    - MicroLoop spirometer's functions can be easily accessed using the high definition colour touch screen.
    - Optional pulse oximetry module, allows Sp02 and heart rate to be measured (not available in US).
    - Free downloadable bronchial provocation PC software available with full ATS/ERS protocols for challenge testing, using the MicroLoop spirometer.
    - Fully compliant to ATS/ERS 2005 standards.
    - 2,000 patient memory.
    - Fully configurable, allowing up to 41 indices to be selected including, a choice of predicted values and languages.
    - Full flow volume and volume time curves for on-screen inspection of maneuvers and internationally recognized, on-screen test quality prompts.
    - Option to direct print to external printers using USB connection.
    - Complete with all accessories in a sturdy carry case.

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