MicroGuard IIB Filter with Integrated MouthPiece

MicroGuard IIB Filter with Integrated MouthPiece

Bacterial and viral filtration with low resistance to airflow. Now available in 2 interface shapes- oval for improved patient comfort and traditional round for using with round shaped mouthpiece adapters.
  • Details

    • Independent studies also demonstrated that MicroGardís resistance to inspiratory and expiratory air flow is lower than published recommendations.

    • There are now 3 varieties of MicroGard!

    • MicroGard IIB with oval mouthpiece and assists patients with correct positioning of the teeth and lips. (patent pending; not available in the US)

    • And the MicroGard IIC with round mouthpiece for use in combination with separate mouthpiece. (Not available in the US)

    • The MicroGardÆ II is the only filter that has gone through a full verification and validation process together with the medical equipment it is used on. We can guarantee optimum measurement performance of the CareFusionís JAEGER, SensorMedicsÆ Vmax and MicroMedical pulmonary instrumentation.

    • Most filtration materials use surface loading as the primary means of removal. With the material used in the MicroGardÆ II product, the fibre matrix results in depth loading, where particles are captured throughout the entire filter material, not just on the surface.

    • The filter material is composed of polymer fibers that will not support the growth of mould, mildew, fungus or bacteria.

    • The filter material also is resistant to degradation over time and is able to withstand extreme temperature and humidity.

    • Even with all these advantages, the CareFusion MicroGard filter is still priced competitively

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