Discogen Disinfectant 1 000g

Discogen Disinfectant 1 000g

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    Any medical equipment needs regular cleaning. Depending on the type of use, this can be done by normal washing or disinfection. For the application in lung-function testing disinfection is generally required.

    Descogen® is a powder, easily soluble in water. It then forms a disinfection solution, which is cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces
    by the use of active oxygen. It can be used to disinfect all the parts of VIASYS equipment that come into contact with patients breath.

    VIASYS recommends to use a 1.5% solution (one measure of 15 g for 1 L) for 15 minutes. If there is a possibility for tuberculosis we recommend to use a 3% solution for 60 minutes. It is very important to flush the parts in clear water after the disinfection thoroughly.

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