Patient Monitoring

Beneview T1 Monitor

The TDS can be used throughout the points of care, from the ambulance and emergency room, over the peri-operative areas, intensive care and intermediate care units to the general ward. The only one monitoring solution to reinvent your adaptive care.


Beneview T8

The fully configurable, modular BeneView offers the capability and parameters that you need to monitor patients at all levels of acuity. The BeneView series gives care teams the vital information they need at the bedside or during transport.

Mindray iPM Series Preconfigured Patient Monitors

iPM series patient monitors offer care givers a clear vision of the status of patients of different acuity levels. The portable design delivers monitoring capacity and functionalities in an intuitive way, to suit a wide range of healthcare areas, in and out of hospital. 



VS-600 is a compact, easy-to-use vital signs monitor designed to satisfy all your monitoring requirements.



VS-900 is a compact, easy-to-use vital signs monitor designed to satisfy your basic monitoring requirements. Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients, VS-800 is well-adapted for any department where quick, reliable physiological measurements are required.

uMEC 10/12 Patient Monitor 

Take the high cost out of quality healthcare.


Mindray Hypervisor VI Monitoring Station

Provides a complete solution for LAN, wireless LAN, and Telemetry networking hospitals. Combining effective and flexible monitoring with sophisticated clinical support tools and intuitive user interface.

Beneview T5

The BeneView Series has been designed to provide comprehensive patient monitoring while simultaneously integrating and displaying information from the hospital network and other bedside devices. Thus BeneView serves as a sophisticated information manager for critical care areas.

Beneview T9

BeneView patient monitors are designed to meet your monitoring needs for a wide range of patients from adult to neonate in most clinical environments, from operating rooms to intensive care; from neonatal intensive care to coronary care units.

Mindray iMEC Series Preconfigured Patient Monitor

An innovative patient monitor with "green" credentials. Mindray's iMEC helps you to reduce your hospital's ecological footprint and to contribute to a sustainable environment.



Suitable for adult, paediatric and neonatal patients, it is well adapted for any department where quick, reliable physiological measurements are required.

1A Monitor

USCOM is the Gold Standard Suprasternal Doppler monitor for the diagnosis and management of fluid, sepsis and hypertension. USCOM is totally noninvasive, rapid and easy to use with no costly disposables. Accurate, reproducible and portable, USCOM is suitable for neonates, children and adults.

BeneVision N22/N19

Change your perspective, again. Maximize your confidence.

Built for a paperless future. Original technology innovations have been combines with thoughtful considerations for better patient monitoring experience.


Mindray BeneVision Central Monitoring Station

The BeneVision Central Station also makes information accessible beyond the central nursing station or centralized monitoring center through distributed BeneVision ViewStations, and Workstations, and even smartphones to optimize clinical productivity. 

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