Natus neoBLUE®

Mini Phototherapy Light

Conserving space, not intensity.


The neoBLUE mini system provides all the benefits of blue LED technology in a more portable and compact size.


Most Effective Degradation of Bilirubin.


Meets AAP guidelines for intensive phototherapy

  • Delivers intensive phototherapy for thousands of hours: > 30 µW/cm2/nm

  • Emits blue light in the 450 - 470 nm spectrum - matching the peak absorption wavelength (458 nm) at which bilirubin is broken down



  • neoBLUE LEDs do not emit light in the ultraviolet (UV) range - reducing the potential risk of skin damage

  • neoBLUE LEDs do not emit light in the infrared radiation (IR) range - reducing the potential risk of fluid loss


Designed for Multiple Configurations & Patient Care Settings

  • Mounts easily onto radiant warmers or incubators - ideal in locations with limited space

  • Can be configured to cover various surface areas

  • Provides uniform coverage over defined treatment area

  • Use one light for small premature babies, or two lights for expanded coverage.


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