Mennen Medical

BiliCare  System


The BiliCareTM Transcutaneous Bilirubin Meter

  • The BiliCare System measures the level of bilirubin using a patented technology to provide accurate results. 

  • It’s technology is based on spectroscopy. 

  • The System measures the level of transcutaneous bilirubin in the newborn by transmitting light at different wavelengths through the outer ear.

  • The amount of light absorbed by the bilirubin is calculated according to a customized algorithm.


Less sensitive to motion artifacts
Not sensitive to di erences in pressure applied or angle of device


The LED advantage

  • LEDs do not deteriorate over time.

  • No shift in power or in wavelength means no need for routine calibration. Optional calibration check allows user to confirm calibration when desired.

  • The calibration check process is quick and easy and provides immediate results.


Communication features

  • BiliCare includes communication features that may connect it to a PC and/or to a HIS via HL-7


BiliCare Viewer

  • Unique software that displays the results in tables and graphs. These may be printed and exported 




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