WATO EX-65/55 Advanced

The new generation of anaesthesia machine combined with state-of-the-art technology, WATO EX-65/55 provides comprehensive patient safety guarantee, advanced ventilation solution and unprecedented ergonomical design for clinical use.


Precise gas delivery

Integrated with world class ventilator and innovative gas measurement technology, WATO EX-65/55 could provide down to 20 ml tidal volume and up to 7 different ventilation modes including Manual, Spont, VCV, PCV, SIMV,PSV and PCV-VG.


With such ICU quality ventilation and electronic gas flowmeter technology, WATO EX-65/55 is suitable for all kinds of patient ranging from neonate to adult.


Innovative breathing system

By the help of heated module, WATO EX-65/55 significantly reduces the water condensation inside the breathing circuit, especially during low-flow anesthesia, which will extend anesthesia machine service time and reduce maintenance frequency.


Ergonomical design

WATO EX-65/55 features unparallel operation advantage for clinical use. 12/10 inches TFT touch screen improve the operation efficiency. Modular design accommodate advanced monitor module like BIS, AG and EtCO2 from BeneView series patient monitor and makes hardware upgrading very easy. after sale. Integrated maintenance guide on the screen provide intuitive guideline for end-users.



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