Suitable for adult, paediatric and neonatal patients, it is well adapted for any department where quick, reliable physiological measurements are required. Equipped with lithium-ion battery technology that provides over 10 hours of continuous running time this powerful monitor can keep up with your busiest shifts. With built-in carrying handle, rolling stand, wall, IV pole and bed mounting options, accompanied by a robust, lightweight design, VS-800 is ready to serve as your everyday vital signs monitor.


  • Smart and stable design keeps VS-800 firmly in place when activating buttons, leaving your other hand free to perform other tasks;


  • Standard parameters include non-invasive blood pressure, Mindray SpO2, and pulse rate;


  • Optional parameters include Masimo SET and Nellcor, SpO2 and temperature;


  • Large, bright LEDs provide optimal visibility, whether across the bed or across the room;


  • 3.4" high resolution LCD for display of plethysmograph, trended parameter data, alarm events and menus;


  • With SmarTemp integrated temperature you can perform predictive oral, axillary and rectal measurements in less than 12 seconds from calibration;


  • Storage for up to 100 unique patient IDs and 1,200 sets of data for each parameter. Plus, all data is transferable to a PC for review and printing;


  • Built-in recorder for printing of real-time and historical data;


  • Automatically admit patients using the optional bar code scanner. The process is quick and efficient, minimizing risk of data transcription errors.

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