DC-30 Diagnostic Ultrasound

Standard ultrasound systems available today typically allow for a basic diagnosis but lack advanced functionality. Now, with the most competitive price in the industry, the DC-30 is the perfect answer for high quality image performance, with added features such as Auto IMT, iScape, Natural Touch Elastography, UWN Contrast Imaging and Tissue Doppler Imaging.


System highlights:

  • Exceptional image quality to enhance your diagnostic confidence.

  • Wide range of transducers to meet the requirements of different applications.

  • 4D capability with various rendering modes and iPage (multi-slice imaging).

  • Auto IMT (Intima-Media Thickness) measurement, to deliver a  reliable carotid analysis.

  • TDI (Tissue Doppler Imaging) and Free Xros CM for comprehensive cardiac diagnosis.

  • One-key automation functions and extended measurement packages for an efficient diagnostic workflow.

  • iPower, iRoam and full DICOM compatibility providing you with state of the art connectivity

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