A7 Anaesthesia Workstation

Experience into reality

For more than 30 years, Mindray has been working on partnership with medical staffs to develop perioperative solutions that fully meet the requirements of the most demanding clinical situations whilst focusing on solutions that reduces the clinicians workload. Employing the latest technological breakthroughs in anesthesia delivery, advanced monitoring technology and IT communication systems, Mindray is pleased to offer the new A7 anesthesia workstation.


A7 provides brand-new electronics gas mixer which greatly help to set and delivery fresh gas quickly whatever the flow rate. Combined with fresh gas optimizer, the users is able to deliver safe continuous low flow anesthesia to all patients, improving the overall anesthetic experience and also contributing to improve cost savings for the hospital.


The A7 offers a full range of ventilation modes that fully meet your daily and specialized demands at all stages of the anesthetic procedure. The multi-gas module facilitates comprehensive breath-by-breath analysis of inspired and expired gas.


Experience total information integration

The iChart-OR system integrates monitoring, anesthesia delivery and care process information management. It can also connect with the server, making it possible to share the clinical data directly from the point of care.

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