M7 Premium


Bring Your Crystal Ball to Point-of-Care
The M7 Diagnostic Ultrasound System is designed to meet the needs of clinicians' busy and challenging point-of-care environments. With M7's crystal clarity and crisp, clear image quality, it can perform any exam, from abdominal to vascular to cardiac, with efficiency and accuracy. Just by choosing a transducer, the M7 brings you more benefits in more ways than ever with wellness within reach.


The high performance ultrasound lets you scan more.



  • Complete imaging and display modes: B with THI, M, PW, HPRF, CW, Color, Power, DirPower, Trapezoid imaging, Smart3D™ and 4D.

  • iScape™ View: panoramic imaging.

  • Excellent 2D image quality and color sensitivity.

  • Numerous clinical measurement and analysis packages.



  • Free Xros™ Imaging — anatomic M mode (three lines).

  • Tissue Doppler Imaging — an excellent tool to evaluate myocardium motion accurately.

  • Embedded IMT (Intima-Media Thickness) software detects edge with mean and maximum thickness values.



  • 4D imaging in addition to portability.

  • New transducer design: the ergonomic and lightweight design allows users to scan in 2D as with a standard convex probe.

  • New 4D transducer: with its ergonomic and lightweight design, it offers clinicians increased scanning speed, making 3D/4D acquisitions quick and easy.

  • ExFOV: enlarge the scan angle for all convex probes.

  • OB Percentile Calculation: demonstrates the accuracy of the estimation.

  • Numerous clinical measurement and analysis packages.


Anesthesiology/Emergency Medicine/Musculoskeletal

  • Spot Zoom Function: provides high definition zoom capability to visualize subtle structures

  • iTouch™ Function: one-key optimization for both 2D & color image

  • High-frequency Linear probe

  • Numerous dedicated clinical measurement and analysis packages


Anywhere, Anytime

The M7 is designed for use in all point-of-care environments. It delivers premium imaging performance across a broad range of specialties. Providing fast and accurate data, the M7 enables clinicians to achieve an enhanced level of diagnostic confidence and efficiency.


  • High-capacity lithium-ion batteries for long time continuous scanning.

  • With its robust magnesium construction with anti-shock and anti-splash features, it can perform diagnostic exams anywhere, in hospitals or in harsh outdoor environments.

  • High quality mobile trolley and probe extend module.

  • Comfortable grab-and-go backpack and stylish carry case for easy transportation.

Gorgeous Design

Clearly designed with the power of leadership, Mindray technology is available to all clinicians. Developed by a world-class medical equipment solution provider, the M7 features an extremely powerful battery and cutting-edge innovation. With its ergonomic mobile trolley and performance and features comparable to those of a conventional cart-based system, it provides mobility with power and improves your productivity.


In short, the M7 delivers the power and productivity of a full-size system in a hand-carried size.



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