M6 Hand-carried Colour Doppler

Good Things Come in Small Packages.


The M6 offers users worldwide a new generation of full-function, hand-carried ultrasound system.


Ever since its foundation, Mindray has been making every effort to promote innovations in medical technology. In the field of ultrasound systems, our customer-oriented developments in technology have resulted in a family of versatile ultrasound products with extraordinary performance, designed to suit a broad range of clinical applications.


Uniquely, with its small size, M6 is easy to transport, expanding its applications to more areas, such as ambulances, gymnasiums and operating theatres, as well as in the field.


Benefiting from a fast boot-up, rechargeable batteries, and lightweight multi-frequency transducers, M6 is ready for scanning wherever and whenever necessary.


Easy storage, fast review and efficient management of patient data can be achieved with the intelligent information management platform iStationTM. With a storage capacity of 1TB HDD, M6's short cut and user-defined keys support off-line analysis of both data and images.


Moreover, the M6 system integrates seamless network and plug-and-play connectivity, including DICOM, USB ports, DVD-R/W, DVD recorder and more.


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