HyLED 9 Series Surgical Light

With the leading-edge LED technology, HyLED series offer excellent luminous efficiency, heat-free light source and incredibly long service time, which will give you total support in your ORs.


Leading-edge technology of white LEDs

  • Incredibly long service time up to 40, 000 hours Excellent luminous efficiency Low power consumption Heat-free light source;


  • A maximum of central illumination 160, 000 lux Maximum depth of illuminance up to 1, 200mm Freely adjustable field diameter from 195mm to 330mm Optimum color temperature of 4, 350K, with high color fidelity


Electrical and thermal design of the LED system or fixture determine how long LEDs will last and how much light they will provide. With improved electrical and thermal robustness of LEDs, HyLED service life is up to 40,000 hours, which is 40 times than halogen bulbs.


Key Features

  • Intelligent AICS (Automatic Illumination Control System) Function (When the area is blocked by the surgeon's head, the lighting in the remaining zones are automatically boosted to maintain consistent central illumination.);


  • Ergonomic “cross" shape for better compatibility with laminar flow system;


  • Adjustable light field diameter from195- 330mm (optional 26cm);


  • Adjustable color temperature (3800 - 5000K) for better tissue differentiation;


  • 2 Mega-Pixel HD carrier-arm camera system.

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