Progressa® Bed System

Redefining progressive mobility in your Intensive Care Unit.


More than just a bed, the Progressa® Bed System is a therapeutic device that acts as a seamless extension of the health care team. The Progressive Mobility Program, only available from Hill-Rom, is founded on evidence-based methodologies that support early patient mobility – without compromising patient or caregiver safety.


The Progressa® bed system responds to the evolving needs of caregivers, patients and health care facilities.


Patient Mobility

  • The Progressa® bed system provides features and functions that help support early mobility

  • An intended use of the bed system is to treat or prevent pulmonary or other complications associated with immobility


Patient Repositioning

  • Available only with the Progressa® bed system, StayInPlace™ Technology extends the head section of the frame and surface, in unison, to accommodate the natural elongation of the body as the patient sits up

  • StayInPlace™ Technology is designed to help address patient migration to the foot-end of the bed


Platform Scalability

  • The flexibility of the Progressa® bed system platform allows you to configure the bed to your current needs and make upgrades as those needs change


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