Triflex II TotalCare®

Bariatric Bed

From protecting your patient's skin, to helping you do your job, to getting your patients moving, the TotalCare® Bariatric Plus bed offers easy to use integrated features to help you deliver better care without compromising your patient's dignity.

No matter the need -- from the ICU to post-operative recovery, the TotalCare® Bariatric Plus bed offers a solution to help you be ready.


Safe skin at any level of acuity

  • Pressure redistribution air surface automatically adjusts to patient's weight, body type, movement and bed position to help treat and prevent pressure ulcers when combined with recommended turning protocols.

  • Advanced Microclimate® technology helps reduce accumulation of heat and moisture at the surface, keeping patient's skin cool and dry.


Ease of use at every point of care

  • IntelliDrive® Powered Transport allows a single caregiver to easily transport patient in bed.

  • Turn Assist uses the bed's pressure redistribution surface to turn the patient, making it easier to perform linen changes and wound checks.

  • A large, colorful touch screen offers control for functionality such as bed exit or integrated scale—all at a touch of a button.


Easy patient handling

  • The Progressive Mobility® Program guides caregivers in gradually progressing patients from lying in bed, to sitting up, to standing.

  • CLRT, tilt table position, FullChair® position, chair egress with stand assist, patient lifts or bariatric accessories enable walking support.


Key Features

  • Expandable width frame

  • Independent head and knee positioning

  • Scale with easy-to-read display with scale weight capacity 454 kg

  • “Fold-and-roll” storage capability

  • Foam mattress with two interchangeable 14 cm side bolsters


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