900 Bed with split side rails

The Hill-Rom® 900 bed offers maximum functionality with minimal complexity, so you spend less time and energy operating the bed and more time focusing on essential tasks such as mobilizing your patients and ensuring their safety.


An exceptionally efficient bed lets you focus on patient care.

Intuitive, ergonomic and efficient “Nurse-Assist” functions allow you to spend less time operating the bed and more time looking after your patients.


Intuitive mobility help promote patient autonomy and patient rehabilitation.

With the help of carefully designed functions such as the Intelligent Auto Countour ™, the EasyChair™ and Flat positions, the Care grip and the one-button egress position, you can effectively progress your patient through the different steps of mobility.


Determine the safest position at a glance.

Protect your patients from harm by making the bedside environment as safe as possible using the intelligent nightlight, the lowest light indicator and the adjustable mattress retainers.

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