The Centuris® bed has been designed, built and tested to maximum durability. Like all Hill-Rom beds, it has undergone rigorous testing at each stage of its development. It is fully compliant with the most recent international safety standard for hospital bed.


Safer bed entry and exit

The stability and ergonomic design of the Centuris® bed’s split side rails facilitate safer bed entry and exit. This helps reduce the potential strain on the caregiver as well as the risk of falls to patients.


Access patients instantly

The side rails feature a smooth and fast self-lowering mechanism with dampening system that can be set in motion with one hand, using the quick and easy one-step release.


Minimized risk of entrapment

Designed to reduce the risks associated with patient entrapment and falls by ensuring maximum compatibility between the bed, mattress, and side rails, as well as accessories such as IV poles.


Improve care protocol compliance

Easy-to-read angel indicators located on the head side rails highlight the exact angle of head of bed elevation in the 30° - 45° range, assisting caregivers in implementing nursing protocols. The foot side rail indicators display Trendelenburg and Reverse-Trendelenburg angles.


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