reVivator® plus

The Revivator® Plus is an easy-to-use manual resuscitator for use on adults. This durable device has a size 5 silicone facemask with a rigid mask cover, and the patient valve has a 360-degree rotation, which enables easy ventilation from all positions. It includes a resuscitator bag of 1 700 mL and produces ventilation with a frequency of 40 breaths/min.


The O2 reservoir bag holds 2 500 mL and includes a reservoir valve, and the maximum tidal volume is 1 000 mL. The resuscitator, made from silicone and polysulfone, can be sterilized with normal cold agents and can be autoclaved up to 134 ºC (273 ºF).



  • Silicone facemask: size 5 with rigid mask cover

  • O2 pipe extension

  • Pressure-limiting valve: 6 kPa = 60 cmH2O

  • Frequency of ventilation: 40 breaths/min

  • Dimensions (extended): 300 x 120 mm

  • Dimensions (folded): 120 x 90 mm

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