Oxyll® Flowmeter

The Oxyll® flowmeter has a chromium-plated brass body, inner and outer tube in polycarbonate, stainless steel float with other parts in brass, polyamide and NBR.


This equipment compensates the variations of pressure of the pipeline since it admits all the pressure of the line, maintains the pressure and it provides to the patient the selected flow under atmospheric pressure, through the mask, nasal catheter, humidifier, etc.


The flowmeter selector has been designed to save time and oxygen. It performs a revolving control knob that allows to supply oxygen through the direct outlet to the facemask, nebulizer or through the humidifier. There is no interruption of oxygen supply during this operation.


Oxyll® selector flowmeter is lightness, user friendliness, highly effective and accurate. Flow stays unaffected by any output restriction caused by humidifiers, nebulizers or any other accessories.


It is available equipped with BS, NF, DIN and SS probes.


Virtually maintenance free.


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