Eurovac H-90

The EuroVac H-90 is an innovated surgical suction unit combining electrical suction with a maximum resistance structure. It is intended to provide excellent suction for a variety of medical procedures including airway, endoscopic, obstetrics, liposuction, and of course, the surgical field.


The EuroVac H-90 is versatile, suitable for both children and adults with no additional equipment required, holding a total of 8 L of fluid.


The suction unit is comprised of high resistance polypropylene, a high volume vacuum pump, and a double piston cylinder, and comes equipped with a central support for the probe. The suction unit is seated on four integrated wheels, two of which serve as brakes, and one that is antistatic to promote fluid movement throughout the facility.


The suction unit is oil free, and no maintenance is required. Sterilization is easily achieved by autoclave at 135°C/


EuroVac H-90 surgical suction unit is the result of Hersill’s innovation in a new generation of medical systems.


The unit is designed to integrate a system of electrical suction, one of the highest performances known in the market, within a structure of maximum resistance. 


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