Eurovac H-40/H-50

The high vacuum electric suction unit is specially designed to support the surgical unit. The grey ABS body makes it shock and scratch resistance. The device is movable with four resistant wheels, one being antistatic and two with brakes.


The device is equipped with:

  • 0 - 100 kPa (0 - 760 mmHg) vacu-o-meter offering a maximum vacuum of 86 kPa (866 mbar);

  • 3 m PVC suction tube with 8 mm and 13 mm internal and external diameter;

  • suction control knob;

  • 3 m length cable and on/off switch for power control.


The oil free piston type pump with a maximum pump-flow of 40 L/min offers long life and is maintenance free. It contains either one or two PC4 polycarbonate collection jars with safety valve to prevent against overfilling.


Each jar comes with one bacteria filler with 99.99% bacterial challenge efficiency and hydrophobic PTFE filler with 99.95% guarantee of particle retention efficiency.


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