Fisher & Paykel
High Flow with MaxVenturi Blender

The MaxVenturi™ mixer is designed for use with the Fisher & Paykel Healthcare MR850 heated humidifier and Optiflow™ patient interfaces to deliver Nasal High Flow. Utilizing the MAX-250 series oxygen sensor. The MaxVenturi™ is engineered for long life, maximum reliability and stable performance.


Designed to dilute oxygen from the terminal unit of a hospital oxygen supply while measuring the concentration it delivers, the MaxVenturi™ is an accurate and intuitive device that is used with a range of therapies along the Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Care Continuum.


Key Features

Digital Oxygen Display

  • Provides oxygen percentage display

  • Calibration mode alert

  • Large and easy to read


Calibration Function

  • Resets oxygen levels

  • Single key operation

  • 3-second hold to calibrate


Flow Meter/Control

  • Oxygen percentage adjustment

  • Allows adjustment of oxygen concentration from 30 – 100%


Room Air Inlet

  • Draws in room air

  • Uses room air as opposed to piped

  • Uses HEPA filters


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