Fisher & Paykel
Neopuff™ Infant T-piece Resuscitator

In those first critical moments when life is stalled temporarily and every second counts, clinicians can be reassured that the Fisher & Paykel Neopuff™ Infant T-Piece Resuscitator is designed to provide controlled inflation pressures. T-Piece resuscitation is a standard of care that is recommended by all major resuscitation guidelines, including ILCOR and AHA’s Neonatal Resuscitation Program.


The Fisher & Paykel Neopuff™ is designed to provide:

  • Accurate Pressure Control

  • Ease of Use and Versatility

  • Family of T-Piece Circuits

  • Cost Benefits


Current resuscitation guidelines recommend the use of a T-Piece device with the potential benefits of achieving controlled target Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP) and delivering consistent Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) to help Functional Residual Capacity (FRC) and improve lung volume.


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