Fisher & Paykel
MR810 Humidifier

The Fisher & Paykel Healthcare MR810 heated humidifier is part of a complete humidification system designed for use with Noninvasive Ventilation and Face Mask Oxygen to deliver a comfortable level of humidity. It is adjustable between three temperature and humidification levels. The ambient temperature sensor also allows the humidifier to detect and adjust to changes in the environment with less connections, while making setup easier.


Heater Wire Adaptor

The heater wire adaptor is built-in to the MR810 and comes attached to the unit. This arrangement simplified setup, minimizing the connections required.


Three Level Control

There are three incremental temperature levels, allowing adjustment of the temperature and humidity for patient comfort. The humidity delivered is within ranges appropriate for Face Mask Oxygen and Non-invasive Ventilation to maximize patient tolerance.



  • Humidity Control

  • Ambient Sensor

  • Heater Wire Adaptor

  • Manual Indicator

  • LED Display Connection

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