Doernbecher Critical Care Crib

The Doernbecher Critical Care Crib, designed by Dr. Brahm Goldstein and produced by Hard Manufacturing Company, addresses the specific problems encountered in paediatric intensive care units. The prototype was tested at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in the paediatric intensive care unit. Since Doernbecher is a teaching hospital, Dr. Goldstein asked the staff to document their reactions to the crib-the features they liked and what they would like changed.

A convenient build-in scale and laminated surfaces (to simplify cleaning) resulted from this field testing.

The crib is designed to interface seamlessly with other ICU technology, such as mechanical ventilators, invasive monitoring equipment, IV pumps and tubing. Tubing and wires are easily accessed from the patient to IV pumps and monitors with one IV pump bracket on each corner. Multiple attachments for monitors, charts/graphs, medications, and other equipment were added as a feature of the crib.

All four-side rails have the EZ-Lift system, an innovation from Hard Manufacturing now standard in all their critical care cribs. The EZ-Lift System allows caregivers to raise the crib sides without using the John Hopkins handle.

The sides may be placed in five positions, from fully down to fully raised. This gives complete access to the child and improves the quality of care, one of the primary aims in developing this crib. The sides are light and easy to handle with a noise-suppressing mechanism developed for neonatal patients. Nurses and parents find it easier to manage the rails, significantly reducing the chances of carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Riley Access on each endgate at the head and foot of the crib gives quiet access to the patient. Additionally, two specifically designed bars on each side, called Portland Access, can be temporarily opened creating a five-inch gap for managing lines.

The fully electric operation of the sleep surface provides improved patient care. The surface adjusts to a variety of bed positions including Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg. The electrical system can position the patient's head and feet as well as the sleep surface height. A level indicator measures the elevation of either the patient's head or feet.

The SleepSafe mattress is a four-inch pressure-reduction mattress designed for children. The WeighSafe control is a built-in electronic scale for weighing patients and the most accurate system for cribs. Storage areas under the crib provide space for keeping needed medical supplies, patient's belongings, or equipment for intrahospital transport. Five-inch Tente Castors provide exceptional mobility for emergency/trauma situations.


The result is a crib that reduces the equipment clutter and operates with little or no noise supporting an “at risk” patient by minimising the stimulation overload.

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