LTV® 1200 Series Ventilator

Choose a versatile emergency ventilator

The LTV Series 1200 ventilator supports infant, paediatric and adult patients in, ER, patient transport and emergency preparedness, invasive or noninvasive ventilation pre-sets. These settings can be easily refined using the touch-turn-touch interface on the LED display. The ventilator also provides a wide range of ventilation therapies to meet demanding patient needs, including volume control, pressure control, pressure support and spontaneous breath types. Combined with the spontaneous breathing trial function, the ultra-sensitive flow trigger facilitates weaning.


Anytime transport

Turbine technology in the ventilator eliminates the need for a high-pressure air source, allowing transport ventilation where and when you need it.


Optimisable trial settings

By optimizing trial settings for each of your patients, you can ensure favourable levels of support throughout the weaning process.


Oxygen resource management tool

The O2 Conserve feature reduces oxygen consumption as necessary, extending the sometimes scarce resource of oxygen during transport or emergency situations. It may be turned off when oxygen resources return to full supply.

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