Bird Sentry Blender

The Bird Sentry™ is a compact air/oxygen gas mixing device which incorporates the use of a battery powered oxygen analyser/monitor. The gas mixing device (blender) provides for precise mixing of medical grade air and oxygen, while the analyser measures the selected oxygen concentrations from the blender's gas flow and samples and displays these measured concentrations on a digital display.


The monitor provides high and low alarm limits which, when exceeded, cause an audible/visual alarm to activate. A wide scope of applications are serviced by the Sentry including: Free-flow oxygen administration; Mechanical ventilation of adults, paediatrics, and neonates; Continuous Positive Airway Pressure - (CPAP).


Increased Productivity

Combining an O2 analyser with a blender to increase the clinician's productivity.


The CareFusion Difference.

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