Transcapsule V-808 Transport Incubator

The Transcapsule V-808 maintians a stable nursing environment in a variety of transport situations.


Key Features

  • The powerful warming capacity enables the incubator to maintain its air temperature at 34ºC or higher even when the ambient temperature is 0ºC. In addition, the double-wall hood minimizes the infant's heat loss due to radiation.


  • The head-end admittance panel and the drawer-type mattress platform enable functional treatment of the infant.


  • The incubator is provided not only with an oxygen monitor and a skin temperature monitor but also with a built-in pulse oximeter.


  • A sub-battery lasting for 15 minutes or longer is built in the main body. The main battery can be detached to carry the incubator up or down the stairs or through a small space.


  • The 1500-lx fluorescent lamp provides enough clear light for observation and treatment even at night or in the dark.


  • The low-resilience mattress, which disperses the infant's body pressure effectively, reduces vibration to the infant.


  • The electrostatic filter, which is very efficient in collecting and retaining dust, keeps the environment clean.



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