Sanilizer 303

A nebulizer for medical use designed with the highest priority for the prevention of cross-infection. Effective disinfection with sodium hypochlorite or alcohol.


Key Features:


  • All the parts of the air-flow path can be removed easily for cleaning and disinfection. The drain hose and the water-level sensor float, which are detachable, are easy to disinfect and replace.


  • In addition to the chamber and the air-flow path all other parts such as the body and the bottle can be sterilized with sodium hypochlorite or alcohol.


  • The electrostatic filter, which is superior in trapping efficiency, removes more than 99% of airborne dust as small as 0.1µ in size. Clean mist is always available from the nebulizer.


  • The Small-quantity Nebulization Set is conveniently used to effectively and completely nebulize even a small amount of medical fluid.

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