Rabee i Incubator

This basic incubator supports safe and comfortable daily nursing care.


The sophisticated technology and advanced developmentally supportive features of the Dual Incu i and Incu i are incorporated in the Rabee.


  • Internal noise level < 41 dBA and dampered side access panel hinges provide a quiet internal environment.

  • Compact design for easy access and portability.

  • Air curtain system to minimize disruption of the thermal environment and infant heat loss when tended to.

  • Double lock system on access panels for extra security.



High basic performance

  • Control Panel

  • Double lock system

  • Snap-open access ports can be opened and closed silently


Prevention of temperature loss

  • Mattress platform tilting function

  • Air curtain of access port


Protection against infection

  • Sanitary structure for through cleaning of the unit

  • Electro static filter

  • Easily detachable humidity chamber 

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