Incu i Incubator

User friendliness and safety are important features for the healthcare professional.


Work efficiency of the medical staff is improved

  • Compact design

  • Make the utmost use of workspace around

  • the incubator

  • Silent operation for developmental care.

  • Rotary damper for silent operation of the admittance panel

  • Snap-open access ports can be opened and closed silently

  • Low-noise fan heater

  • Reliable performance

  • Safety for the infant is improved.

  • Double lock system


Prevention of temperature loss

  • External X-ray cassette tray protects the infant from stress

  • Air curtain to minimize a drop in the incubator air temperature

  • Excellent visibility

  • Prevention of infection

  • Easily detachable humidity chamber

  • Sanitary structure for through cleaning of the unit

  • Electro static filter 

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