1000 Bed

The Hill-Rom® 100 bed combines patient safety and comfort features in an easy to operate solution engineered to meet medium to low acuity needs. Designed to help caregivers maximize efficiency and safety, the bed offers a one-button control that moves patients in and out of chair position at a low, safe height.


Value-minded doesn’t mean sacrificing innovation and style.


Patient Safety

Your patient’s safety and comfort are your primary concern. The Hill-Rom® 1000 Bed incorporates several unique features to help you protect and care for your patients, including:

  • One-button control moves patient in and out of the chair position. The bed maintains a low, safe height while putting patient in a chair position.


Caregiver Ergonomics

  • With features that help provide safer patient mobility and ease of use, the Hill-Rom® 1000 Bed was designed with caregiver safety as a priority.

  • Headboard remains at ergonomic height during all bed articulations.

  • Stationary headboard height means no more concerns about IV poles breaking the lights.


Caregiver Convenience

The Hill-Rom® 1000 Bed’s Point-Of-Care® controls are created to be easy-to-use and promote efficient patient care.

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